Bing Pig Pin 8.6

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Pig pin 8.6
Width 22.625 
Thickness  2.875 
Volume 60.1
The Pig Pin is the first of the Pig Performers I designed. Ranging from 8’6” to 9’2” I would recommend this board for someone looking for an ultra smooth cruiser feel rather than its squaretail counterpart, the Pigformer. The Pig Pin is designed to turn like a smaller mid range because of the wide point back and narrow nose reminiscent of the early 60’s pigs. The key differences from the Pigformer are the pin tail and lower rocker in the tail complimented by a single concave in the middle. Its flatter rocker gives the board excellent paddle, glide, and wave catching that acts like a much longer board.. Aside from that, the boards’ design philosophies are the same. Their unique combination of elements have given me a ton of stoke as an alternative to short and long boards.