Bing Alpha Pin 7.6

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alpha pin 7.6
3 thickness
 volume 54

This board's name derives from the first letter of the Greek alphabet, ALPHA, giving the nod to the late '60s when pintail shortboards first came on to the scene and marking the very beginning of the shortboard revolution. This board features a wide-point forward, a soft rail with a slight roll to a single concave and heavy vee in the tail. The Alpha Pin defies all logic on paddle-ability and rides FAST and SMOOTH with excellent maneuverability for a board of its type. Maintaining a longboard trim but climbs and drops easily on the face, and allows for deep fades and cutbacks into hard bottom turns with a forward projection into a high-line style. Its most unique quality is that it will dictate a style of clean-line surfing that you never thought you had.- Matt Calvani, shaper/designer