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משלוח חינם מעל ₪399.00
גלשן סופט איכותי במיוחד - CBC
גובה 6.2
רוחב "22
עובי "3

הגלשן מגיע עם ליש וסט חרבות. אסטרודק מובנה.

The best-selling CBC Sushi Fish 6ft 2 soft surfboard is a great board for kids or teens who are learning how to surf, or adults who are looking to progress from a ‘mal’ on to their first smaller board.

It’s super versatile and provides a stable platform to improve your surfing skills. Plus it’s well made, well priced, durable and great quality – as you would expect from a CBC soft board.

The Sushi Fish has a well-designed custom moulded shape and comes supplied with a super-grippy EVA tail pad for extra back foot traction, and a tri-fin ‘thruster’ FCS-compatible twin-tab fin system for improved performance.

The classic fish shape will provide a stable but loose shortboard feel allowing the rider to practice their carves and turns with ease. This board will continue to deliver as the rider improves.

Constructed with a heat laminated HD waterproof EPS core with 3 multi-layered (moulded-in) laminated wood stringers coated with waterproof resin for board stiffness, an HD Polyethylene slick bottom and an HD durable IXPE/XPE Deck with graphic print, just like professional bodyboards.