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גלשן סופט מבית קליפורניה בורד קמפני (CBC)
גובה: 6.0
רוחב: “22
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The Scott Burke 6ft Baja Series Fish is a top-selling shortboard known for its durability, buoyancy, vibrant green deck color!  This lightweight foam surfboard has an attached traction pad for better grip and a fish shaped tail for carving out waves. Due to its smaller size, the 6ft Baja is recommended for either a very small or very advanced surfer. A PU Surf leash and 3 fins are included. BOARD CONSTRUCTION: High Density EPS - 100% waterproof core, 3 molded in laminated wood stringers, IXPE/XPE HD Deck Skin, HD Polyethylene slick

Size - 6' x 22" x 3"

Weight - 7 lbs.

Volume - 35.04

Board Features

- 100% waterproof EPS foam core
- 3 wood stringers
- XPE deck skin
- Slick high density PE hard bottom
- Fish shaped tail
- Lightweight and easy to carry
- Ideal for beginners and fun for seasoned surfers
- Weight Capacity up to 175 lbs.

Bonus Features

- Traction pad
- Surf fins (3)
- PU surf leash