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גלשן סופט מבית קליפורניה בורד קמפני (CBC)
גובה: 7.0
רוחב: “22.5
עובי: “3.75
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The California Board Company 7ft Slasher Surfboard is the perfect soft top board to learn how to surf! With the shaper's signature on the bottom and a top and bottom graphic that looks just like a fiberglass surfboard - no one will even know you’re using a foamie! Comes with easy to install and remove tri-fin system and a white leash tab that connects to the center fin allowing a place to attach your surf leash so you don't lose your board! BOARD CONSTRUCTION- 100% waterproof EPS foam core, three laminated wood stringers, a high density PE slick bottom, and an IXPE/XPE deck Skin.